Windows Live Mail – Tips and Tricks

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In this post I will illustrate Windows Live Mail users that how they can keep their downloaded emails in the computer saved which is very useful at the time of re-installing windows or migrating to a new computer.
As we all know that Windows Live Mail downloads the emails with the attachments into your computer and places them somewhere. So, what we will do is that we will change the folder where it stores all your data so that you can copy it and take it to your new computer or in case you re-install, you do not have to download all the emails again.

Access your stored emails even when you’re not connected to the internet.
Saves your bandwidth and hence time and money.
Backup Windows Live Mail data and emails.

Step 1:
Click on the blue button as shown in the figure below and goto Options  > Mail


Step 2:
A new window will pop-up as shown below in the figure.


Step 3
Click on the Advanced tab. And then in the Advanced tab, under Maintenance and Troubleshooting, click on Maintenance… button


Step 4
When you click on maintenance button, you will be presented with a new window like the one shown below. Click on Store Folder button here.


Step 5
Clicking on the Store Folder button as explained in the previous step will bring up a small window “Store Location”. In this window click Change… button.
Navigate and select the folder that you want to use for storing your Windows Live Mail data and emails.

Recommended: Create the backup folder for your email in a non-os drive like D: or E:


Download this as PDF click here

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