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Free Custom Domain Email accounts setup with Google Domains

Free Business Email accounts setup on Google Domains
Without Google Apps / G Suite Subscription
Using Google Domains to get Free Email on your own domain (2018)

Gone are the days, when Google Apps for Work / Business (now known as G Suite) offered FREE services and you could setup your domain emails to work with Google.
But there is a work-around and you can still get Google to use your own domain to create free email accounts which will work just as smooth as Gmail does.

Please follow the instructions below to setup your own domain on Google to get Free Business Email Accounts.

Step 1.

Buy or Register your domain from Google Domains. (Required)
Google Domains URL

If you have registered your domain name from any other domain registrar, you will need to
Transfer your domain to Google Domains. For transfering your domain to google, please follow this

Step 2.

Create Forwarding Email Addresses for your domain
Google Domains give you up to 100 forwarding email accounts which you can create for your domain name once you have your domain setup on Google Domains.

For example:
You registered
You can create [email protected], [email protected] , etc. up to 100 email addresses.

Please note that these are not actual email accounts, these are just forwarding email addresses which will let you create your custom domain emails and are redirected to your existing Gmail account.

You will need to verify the forwarded email account by signing in your existing Gmail account and follow the instruction in the email received.

For detailed info on how to create forwarding email accounts, please see this link

Step 3.

Using your custom domain email accounts to send emails.
You have now verified your newly created forwarding email account from Google Domains.
But you know that forwarding email is only one way that is you can only receive emails on this new email account like [email protected] but cannot send any emails from this email address. So, here’s the work-around.

Go to your existing Gmail Account’s Settings (the one which you are forwarding to)

Accounts & Imports > Send mail as > Add another email address

Use Gmail’s SMTP Config as shown in the screenshot above.
SMTP Server:
Username: [email protected] (Your Gmail account with
Password: Your Gmail account password (Feel secure – you are already on Google)
Secured connection using TLS (Try SSL if doesn’t work for you)
Port: 465 (This is the outgoing port for SMTP)

While signing in, your login attempt might be blocked and
You may need to:
Enable Less Secure Apps
If enabling the less secure apps option doesnt work for you, Generate App Password for your Google Account
This option is available only when 2 Step Verification is enabled for your account
For detailed usage of App Password

Once, you are signed in / connected, a verification code will be sent to your new account (which is forwarding to your existing Gmail account), so check your inbox and verify with the code.

That’s it. You can now send emails with the new business email address [email protected]


You can create new Gmail accounts like
[email protected] and forward your email for [email protected] to this account.
Under the new Gmail account [email protected] set your forwarded email address “[email protected]” as default sending email account.

Now, you can send and receive emails at [email protected] without any hassle.
Bravo Google! Bravo Gmail!

If this article is not perfectly understandable, read on Google

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Advertising Needs Common Sense



Yes, you heard it right. Even before using your technical knowledge about any Advertising Platform or Social Media and its advertising tools, one needs to use his Common Sense. This article may surely help you if you are planning to start a new advertising campaign online. Below, I am sharing my thoughts on how and why Common Sense can help you in Advertising and hence produce greater Results.

1. Common Sense on choosing your right target audience.
It may not be as simple as you think. Too much study and thinking may bring you at a halt. So, be calm and serene when you want to start advertising. First step is to choose the right audience.

2. Common Sense to choose the right platform where your target audience is.
Now, you have chosen your right audience. Next, use your common sense where is your audience whom you want to advertise to. Think beyond the web. Your common sense will guide you.

3. Common Sense to think the way they think – what interests them.
It is not very common that everybody uses their common sense. Well said “Common Sense is not so Common”. If you know your target audience and where you can find them, use your common sense to think like them. Everybody who is looking to buy for a new gadget is not always looking for it. He has other interests too, take a guess what are those other activities which interests them. There you’ll find your clues. Use the clues to relate them to their behavior and interests which will help you a lot.

4. Common Sense to promote in the right way.
The right way to reach out to your target audience is very important. The platform you chose, will it offer you the flexibility to promote your product or service in your desired way? If it does not then it means that you are not on the correct platform. That is common-sense.

5. Common Sense to deliver your message in the right way.
You chose our target audience, platform and the right way. And now, you need to make sure that that your advertisement delivers the message in the right way. This means that you use your common sense to create the advertisement in such a wonderful way that your message is clear to them, interests them and generates a need.

6. Common Sense about promoting the products you sell or services you provide.
Till you are a big hit in the market already, its only ‘you’ who knows the best about your products or services. Tell people what makes it unique. As the competition is very high now a days, there might be thousands of similar businesses as yours but you have to use your common sense to think in a way which makes you unique and stand above your competitors.

7. Common Sense to expand, see your target audience behavior.
Yes, even after everything is done well, you need to see how your target audience reacts. You might get hundreds of inquiries in a day but only few sales. Why? Use your common sense to figure out what might be wrong which is not converting them into sales. Never forget that sales are unpredictable but your common sense will really help you get closer.

8. Common Sense to reach beyond your target audience & turn them into your clients.
All successful businesses want to expand and many does. Where are they getting new clients from? They do not have any kind of machines which generates new people for them who want to purchase their services or products. But yes, they do think differently and take the right approach to generate the need beyond their audiences. It is common sense that if a person buys a product, his friends or family may also be interested in it. So, plan how to reach out to them.

9. Common Sense to decide how much you need to spend on advertising and is it worth?
You created a huge budget campaign. But is it really worth spending so much on it. It is not always required to let the experts handle your advertising solely. Don’t go by the words of your Ad Agency, because you have to use your common sense to figure out that whether is it giving you the required output and are your happy with your return on investment. If it doesnt, change the campaign or may be the platform even.

10. Common Sense to always think that everybody is not online always.
Yes, everybody is not online always. Many of them could be your potential clients. Think how can you reach out to them. Just an example: you cannot advertise to a person via a notification who doesn’t even have your mobile app installed. Use your common sense to think of different ways and platforms.

We would love to hear from you about your thoughts on this article. Please share freely.

7 Reasons to Choose Webmail over Desktop Email


Webmail are web-based email accounts, usually operated from a website. Webmail for business allows the users to access their emails on their own domain and admins to control & manage their company email on the cloud. Gone are the times when webmails used to be a reduced version of the desktop email client. Now many webmails for business have developed far beyond the desktop email counterparts.

Here are our top 6 reasons to switch to Webmail :

    Small businesses to big corporations, manage their emails professionally at their own domain : Add/Delete users, Change password, Apply restrictions to incoming & outgoing mails & it s attachment by size or type, Create & manage mailing list /groups, White List domains, Manage visibility of shared Global address book, Block Sender – all the tools needed to protect your company’s interest from the cloud based admin panel. But more user ids as your business grows.
    Having email in one location only is not an option. Unlike a desktop client email client, you can access your emails anywhere without ever worrying about syncing anything, simply need you to log in, and the rest is done. Any computer or phone from anywhere in the world, is as good as your PC when you check your email. A good webmail will allow Complete sync & Seamless access of email, calendar & contacts across devices & applications – like Desktop mail client, webmail, and any mobile phone or tablet. You can also get a downloadable Mobile app that works on most phones and tablets. Admin can Block mobile email access on when employees leave organisation remotely!
    Auto-Save large volumes of incoming & outgoing emails in huge mail boxes of storage capacities upto 25GB and with total email attachment size of upto 20MB per email, without worrying about backing up your older ones and no reason to worry about clearing archives or folders to accommodate new incoming mail. If you rely on old messages to get things done, you dont need to painfully go through the list to find one when the time comes. Auto-save and intelligent search feature helps retrieve pretty much anything we need in email. Save your precious time and save yourself from headaches with the right webmail service for your organisation.
    Organization is a breeze because appearance tends to be “cleaner” when using web-based email options, unlike the messy “indented” look that desktop clients. Not only can some Webmails do pretty much everything that s desktop client can do, but can even do MORE. Organize your mails in folders to find them easily or create filter to have the mails automatically delivered to the folder. Set Auto-save IDs, Auto-forwards, Auto-responders or vacation mails, HTML signature etc
    Pull all your mails from multiple accounts (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, VSNL or POP accounts) in your one single mail account. You can choose the appropriate “sender” to keep it personal or professional, depending on your receiver.
    The need to access your email offline is slim because wireless access is practically available anywhere. However, some desktop clients persuade themselves to stay with Outlook because they are allowed offline access. They may not know this, but Rediffmail Enterprise offers offline access too!
    Desktop email clients take time to install and configure, and it will definitely not be worth installing a desktop email client in order to track one email account and it is tied to an OS (such as Windows, Linux or Mac). Syncing between multiple computers and devices can be problematic and it is a pain to learn how to use one more software program. Plus you might not want to keep your mail data on the computer you are using. Webmails need no installation as cloud apps are rendered in browser and not tied to any platform. Its easy to use, just log in to your web-based email account from anywhere, any device, without worrying about conflicts and synchronization, keep all your email data off your computer and entire email software updated automatically by the email service provider. And the Users & admin need to have the technical knowledge because the email service provider is responsible for maintaining them.


Windows Live Domains Migration


I am writing this post for all those users who were using Windows Live Domains for their Business Emails and are currently facing problems due to their shut down (upgrade to Office 365).
Your business emails are configured on Microsoft Outlook formerly known as Hotmail.
The emails were made on Window Live Domains portal where one could use their own domain and create emails to make email accounts for your domain.

Last year, Microsoft closed the Windows Live Domains portal and migrated all the accounts to Office 365.
Now, all those users who have been using Windows Live Domain and created their business emails using it, they can continue using the emails without any problem. But now, they cannot sign in to the Admin Console, therefore, they cannot create any additional email accounts or even delete the already created ones.
Instead, they shall ask you to upgrade your account to Office 365.
Pricing: here

What is the solution now?
Solution No.1
You can stop using Outlook Emails and shift to some other third party business email providers like Google Apps for Business (recommended if you are willing to spend a little)
Google Apps for Business Pricing: here

Solution No.2
You can ask your website hosting provider to host the emails on the web server itself.
Cost: none (mostly all the website hosting providers give free business emails to configure)

Please note that you’ll lose all your data related to the emails when we’ll be shifting your emails to your web server.
To keep a backup, you can configure the old emails in Outlook Email Client and let it download.
Once, you can see all your emails downloaded, you can begin with the migration process.

In case, you are not able to back up your local computer, you will still be able to access your old emails on as you did earlier but the only difference would be that the incoming and outgoing emails would not work.

Linux Hosting update

Hey everybody,

Please note that our Linux server is facing some issues and any websites hosted on or may not work.

Our technical team is trying hard to fix it asap. You can follow this thread for any updates.

Just downloaded it from the App store.
Sharing the installation steps screenshots below

Goodbye to Orkut


After ten years of sparking conversations and forging connections, Google has decided it’s time for us to start saying goodbye to Orkut. Over the past decade, YouTube, Blogger and Google+ have taken off, with communities springing up in every corner of the world. Because the growth of these communities has outpaced Orkut’s growth, Google has decided to focus its energy and resources on making their other social platforms as amazing as possible for everyone who uses them.

Orkut will shut down on September 30, 2014. Until then, there will be no impact on you, so you may have time to manage the transition. You can export your profile data, community posts and photos using Google Takeout (available until September 2016). Google is preserving an archive of all public communities, which will be available online starting September 30, 2014. If you don’t want your posts or name to be included in the community archive, you can remove Orkut permanently from your Google account. Please visit Orkut Help Center for any further details.

Source: Email from Orkut